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Nov 21, 2018

Daily Practice Exposed! In the trenches with Ian Johnsen MSPT

Nov 18, 2018

The Daily Drive to keep you going, Daily Practice behind the scenes.

Nov 9, 2018

The Daily Drive: What Drives You?  I chat about patient compliance with treatment plans, and how to gain trust so you can help them!

Nov 6, 2018

$2,500 initial investments and within 5 years they're at 1.2mil recurring income. Love this business model, they pair passion for helping women get healthy and their individual strengths to make this business flourish.  90k Facebook Followers, 35k instagram followers and a bootstrap mentality that just works!  I...

Nov 3, 2018

In this episode you get hear more about "cool" things that pop up during a typical entreprenurial day.  And YES I am a smart-ass.